Making Positive Connections

A Positive Move is about much more that just Speakers and Entertainers.

When you become a sponsor or a member with A Positive Move, you are providing your business with a whole range of valuable connections from all walks of life. You are becoming part of a vast network of contacts that could make a huge difference in the future of your company.

We have been helping companies and individuals make meaningful connections for over 20 years. Dick Custerson and his team have made an art form of bringing together companies and their clients through events and their stable of celebrity speakers.

'It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.' a well worn cliche, but it’s as true now as it ever was. There has never been a better time to enlist the help you grow your business.

Join our group and become part of the A Positive Move way of doing business! 


“We make the Connections, you Build the Relationships”

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presenting the very best functions and events for you to enjoy.


being a part of the 'a positive move' family can connect you to some of the leading companies and organizations in Australia.

'Rubbing Shoulders with some of the Worlds Highe...

Brett McRae

Some of our speakers and entertainers...

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